“Brave New World,” by Aldous Huxley is an incredible utopian and distopian novel originally published in 1932 and is far head of its time. The novel is set in a futuristic world state where the population is genetically engineered, socially conditioned from birth, set in intellectual-based social hierarchies and worship Henry Ford and his efforts with assembly -line style production.

The novel has many underlining themes, but most notably the “social conditioning” of the world states citizens starting from birth and continuing throughout their lives, which precludes even the most intelligent member of society from seeing the fallacies that the world order is built upon. This novel is far ahead of it’s time in predicting the “Big Government,” and national media’s “24 Hour News Cycles,” ability to control societal discussions and narratives, running ominous parallels to today’s current media and state bias’s against free thinking individuals.

If you’d like to pick-up a copy, below is the Amazon link to the book:

Pictured is my reading companion Beauregard, he too fears dystopian world states.

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