“Crushing It in Apartments and Commercial Real Estate: How a Small Investor Can Make it Big,” by Brian Murray is a great beginners guide to getting started in Multi-Family Investing. I read this book on the Kindle app, and and wish I had a paperback copy as well. The book has a ton of great references and notes that you’ll certainly want to flip back too once you tackle your first investment property.

The author takes the reader through his journey of taking a downtrodden apartment building filled with less than ideal tenants and turning it into a safe respectable community and a cashflow success.

I would say this book is not for the seasoned CRE investor, but is ideal for the induvial looking for a glimpse into the reality of owning multi-family apartment buildings, or other multi-tenant commercial buildings before actually pulling the trigger.

On the Fletcher Dilmore book review scale, “Crushing it in Apartments,” score a 9/10, and a great recommendation for the first time investor.

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