Like many other regular Joe Rogan Experience podcast listeners, I found it hard not to want to read “Empire of The Summer Moon,” by S.C. Gwynne after hearing Joe Rogan consistently bring up how fascinating the book was podcast after podcast. After listening to the book discussion with the author, I had to add it to my reading list and it did not disappoint.

I do not want to spoil this great literary work, so I’ll keep it short and simple, ‘Empire of The Summer Moon,” tells the modern history of the Comanches, the legendary warrior tribe that were constantly at odds with Texan settlers, the U.S. Government, Mexico and other Native American tribes over the vast American plains and the Buffalo that inhabited the area.

On the Official Fletcher Dilmore Book Scale I rate “Empire of The Summer Moon,” by S.C. Gwynne, a 10/10, an absolute must read.

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