I know what you’re thinking, “Fletch, what does this book have to do with commercial real estate?”

Well, other than if the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct, it’s very likely we wouldn’t have any shopping centers, office buildings or the various other sectors of the commercial real estate industry. So, by that measure, the extinction of the dinosaurs was a pivotal moment in the birth of what would later become the commercial real estate industry.

Aside from the above clearly factual history of CRE, I like to read things that catch my interest and better yet, I love an opportunity to learn about a subject I know very little about. “The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs: A New History of a Lost World,” by Steve Brusatte checks all of the above boxes.

My Review:

Coming into this read, I had literally no background in dinosaurs but had recently went on a trip to Colorado and had the opportunity to hike around Dinosaur Ridge and see some really fascinating traces of Earth’s past inhabitants. Intro this book a few months later (it takes time to get an RSVP on the Fletcher Dilmore book review waiting list) and I could not think of a better book, style, format or author to introduce the 40,000 foot view of the history of the dinosaurs. Simple as that. Rise and Fall is an enjoyable, introduces all the well known dino’s, presents many more hard to pronounce former residents of Earth and gives a clear picture of how our planets’ environments were during each period of the ages of dinosaurs. I thoroughly enjoyed the many neat facts that were presented, like that T-Rex’s hunted in packs (absolutely terrifying) and that Triceratops likely roamed around in enormous herds like Buffalo did. Some books are easier to rate than others, and Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs is an easy 10/10 on the Fletcher Dilmore book scale.

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