“Hard Times Create Strong Men” by Stefan Aarnio


I often give high praise to the books I read that could lead to one thinking that I never read a bad book, or I simply hype up everything I read (maybe a little truth). Frankly, I’ve been fortunate to have had great book after great book recommended and sent my way from friends, family and co-workers (shout-out to JB and VP). Having a solid foundational group of colleagues who have similar goals and take the time to recommend literature to me that they found to be helpful, insightful or in anyway interesting and worth the expense of time is certainly something to be grateful for.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, this book is different from any other book I’ve ever read. “Hard Times Create Strong Men” by Stafan Aarnio was the second book I ever listened to on the Audible App and the first book I ever bought the physical copy immediately after listening to it through and through. Yes, it’s that good.

“Hard Times Create Strong Men,” as read by Stefan Aarnio is as passionatly read in the Audible version as any book could ever be. This book is truly his masterpiece, a first class real hard dive into the current socio/political world we live in and how it so negatively effects men. The books is a hard reality check for any self respecting man. The book changes the readers perspective and leads one to pursing a better, more moral and passionate life through strong core ideologies and philosophies that intermingles with stoic’s of the past, intellectuals of the present and man’s natural biological tendencies.

The book is a long read, but a read you need. I have never found myself universally recommending a book to everyone I know, I have offered to purchase a copy for countless friends so long as they promised to read it. “Hard Tomes Create Strong Men,” is a book you cannot afford to miss, and a true masterpiece by Stefan Aarnio, may God rest his soul. Thank you Stefan.

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