The Warrior Book by Garrett White is first in the “Black Box,” series of male self improvement books that focus on taking control of ones own life through organization of ones daily routine, tapping into ones full potential, making the subtle but consistent changes and recording and holding oneself accountable each and every day in “The Game.”

I loved this book, it is more focused towards married men with children, but still holds a ton of practical knowledge and insights to bettering oneself. I would compare it to, “Hard Times Create Strong Men,” by Stefan Aarnio. Both books have the focus on bringing back masculinity, and fulfilling modern mans desire to be a man, while Stefan’s book has a stronger and more blunt approach that is better for younger men (18-30) and Garrett’s book is more suited for the more stable 30+ crowd.

Either way, both books are a must read and Warrior scores a 10/10 on the Fletcher Dilmore book scale.

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